»Rarities of Piano Music« at Husum Castle

Under the artistic direction of pianist Peter Froundjian, the one-week festival has been taking place in August in Husum Castle every year since 1987. The aim is to draw the public’s attention to works that, despite their high quality, have not found their way into the current piano repertoire. The “Rarities of Piano Music” consist of nine concerts, a matinee and an exhibition. Through the production of a live CD (at the Danish label “Danacord”) a selection of the works played is distributed worldwide.




As of 09/03/2023

Program 36th Rarities of Piano Music is released


New Program of the 36th edition of the “Rarities of Piano Music” has been released. From August 19th to 26th 2023 we invite you to Husum Castle and would be delighted to welcome you once again, or for the first time! 

Single ticket sales will start op April 11, 2023. Tickets are available online, at all Reservix ticket offices and at the tickets office at Husum castle.

Subscriptions can be ordered from March 21st at the ticket office at Husum castle.
Sale for members of the association starts on April 4th, 2023.

 It is an absolutely wonderful place to share the love of the unusual repertoire with people. People who want more than standard programs. It is probably the most perfect festival in the world.
Marc-André Hamelin, NDR.de, 2015

All young artists should visit Husum. I can guarantee that they will have their vision enriched and enlarged.
Bryce Morrison, International Piano, März/April 2015

Where connoisseurs respect experts.

Frankfurter Rundschau, 2016

 It is one of the most beautiful and precious festivals in the world.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2016

Le Paradis du pianophile est en Allemagne. – Un festival certainement unique au monde.

Diapason, 2016

In not one of its recitals will you hear a note of the Standard repertoire. It’s not that the great masters are not revered – far from it. The people who come to Husum love the piano in all its guises.

International Piano, Nov/Dez 2011

Find out more about the festival in the book "Beyond the mainstream"

It would be superficial to consider the “Rarities of Piano Music” as “just another festival”, since from the start it understood itself as a necessary addition to the seasonal musical life in the cities. When Bryce Morrison writes in “Gramophone”: “What would we do without the annual Husum Festival?” it expresses the status of indispensability that has now been achieved.

Peter Froundjian

Initiator and artistic director Peter Froundjian

Find out more about the annual festival CDs

  and realize that this one week in August had a personal depth effect on both of us, which is nothing like what we were already able to experience in our rather long life as a concert visitor.
Thomas und Elszbieta Nickelsen


 the experience is the same every year: As soon as you have left Husum heading south after the last concert, you are already looking forward to the next year, longing for new piano adventures in the North Frisian piano paradise.
Wilfried Schäper

Radio Bremen

34 years of »Rarities of Piano Music« – now available as a touring exhibition